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Self-Care Mentorship Sessions are for women who would like 1:1 support while on their self-care, self-love, & healing journey. During these sessions, Cassie offers a listening ear while sharing unique tips and strategies you can use to get through the things that might be making your journey feel overwhelming. Together you and Cassie will identify small and large steps you can take to add more peace to your everyday lifestyle. 

1:1 Self-Care Mentorship


  • 1:1 Self-Care & Wellness Check-in 
  • Personalized Self-Care Assessment + Suggestions
  • Personalized Self-Care tips + Strategies
  • Personal Development + Wellness Homework

Investment: $65/session $55/subscription 

This 5 Week 1:1 Mentorship experience is for individuals who are seeking guidance while building their own Wellness Brand. During these 1:1 sessions, Cassie will provide you with strategies and tips that will help you build a better brand foundation. Together you you'll have an opportunity to assess your business strengths and weaknesses and work towards outlining steps you can take to accomplish your business goals.

1:1 Wellness Brand Mentorship


  • Solidifying brand offerings (products & services)
  • Learning how to create branded content
  • Simplified Instagram content creation strategy
  • Simplified community building strategies 
  • Learning easy marketing strategies 

Investment: Starting at $500/Package

These 45 minute sessions are for individuals who have questions that might not require on-going coaching & support from Cassie. During this 45 minute session you will be able to ask Cassie as many questions as you'd like. Whether you have a few questions about starting your own business, merchandise vendors, or hosting your own workshops and events this 45 minutes call is the perfect call for you to do so. 

Pick My Brain - (Business mentorship)


  • Creating your own branded merchandise
  • Hosting your own wellness retreats & events
  • Creating your own wellness workshop
  • Mapping out & marketing your own masterclass
  • Business coach recommendations & resources
  • Content Creation Tips & Strategies

Investment: $75/session

MONTHLY subscription

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PLEASE NOTE: Participating in this self-care mentorship does not constitute a therapeutic relationship, and it is not a substitute for mental health treatment.

Bi-weekly subscription

*Payment Plans Available* Please note: all payments must be made by the last session.

Sometimes we just need COURAGE. Cassie offers a 6-week group mentorship experience that focuses on helping women find the courage to choose themselves first in more ways than one. In this program, you will learn how set healthy boundaries, advocate for your wants and needs without fear, say no without guilt and work towards obtaining the peaceful lifestyle you desire.

Courage Self-Care Course 
(Group Mentorship Experience):


  • 6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Weekly Accountability Assignments
  • Exclusive Self-Care Office Hours
  • Exclusive Self-Care Toolkit & more!

Investment: Starting at $350

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How often do we discuss self-care and wellness in the workplace, classroom or within our community? Cassie offers in-person and virtual opportunities to learn more about self-care & wellness anywhere.

Workshops & Trainings

Starting at: $400

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- Kevia H.

My 1:1 coaching session with Cassie was nothing short of AH-MA-ZINGGGGGG. Cassie pays attention to details and utilizes those details to empower and build your confidence. Cassie gave me a host of information and resources within the first fifteen minutes of our call. During my session with Cassie I felt so comfortable talking about my weaknesses as it related to my business. She provided me with recommendations to enhance my brand and built my confidence in just a hour. I can't thank Cassie enough for her help and genuine vibe. It was truly a pleasure. If you are thinking of booking a session, wait no longer it is so worth it.

Cassie pays attention to details and utilizes those details to empower and build your confidence.

- Monique S.

This boot camp became a safe place for us to share, grow, learn, and cry if needed. In this bootcamp I learned to show up for myself. I fully recommend this boot camp for those searching for accountability, identity, strength, and wisdom because that is exactly what comes out of these sessions. What I enjoyed most about the camp being cohort style was feeling a sense of community, accountability, and knowing that I wasn't alone in this.

What Cassie created in this self care boot camp has allowed an inner healing to take place amongst a very diverse group of people. 

- Lauriel A.

Her presentation was funny, to the point, but also got us together .I didn't know that I was letting my business run me or that I didn't prioritize my mental health until after Cassie started talking about the signs. I am so happy and glad that my students got to listen to her wisdom because now I truly believe that they will have their heads on more straight when it comes to self-care & business. Hustle until break culture is so normalized in this industry, but Cassie brought us back to reality. She is one of the best guest speakers I've ever had and is already planning on having her guest speak to the 4th round of my program :)

Listen listen listen, not only did Cassie come through and bless my students about the importance of self-care, BUT SHE BLESSED ME.

- Taneisha KV.

Cassie's mentoring style is supportive, empathetic, goal-oriented and strategically challenging. Before she became my mentor I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain. She’s helped me create plans for new employment, my educational journey, socializing, and family dynamics. Cassie has helped me become more confident in myself and in my skill set. Her encouragement is top tier motivational. She helped me realize that some fears are strictly in my head and courage can dissipate them. Also she has reinforced the ideology of “its never too late to get started”. 

Cassie has helped me work through some life-altering obstacles.

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